Q - Who is eligible for
        Seasons of Life?
A - Anyone facing a serious & complicated illness (Cancer, Alzheimer's, Stroke, Kidney Failure,etc.)
  Q - What does Seasons of
        Life cost?
A - Services are provided free of charge and are funded by community donations, grants, & charities such as the United Way.
  Q - Is Seasons of Life a
        Hospice Service?
A - No. Transitions is a separate program. You do not have to consider hospice to utilize the services.
  Q - Can I continue to receive
        chemotherapy, radiation,
        & other medical
        treatments / procedures?
A - Absolutely. Transitions’ only mission is to provide additional support and education. Individuals can continue on their current treatment plan.
  Q - Can I continue to see my
A - Yes. Transitions’ goal is to work in conjunction with your physicians and other members of your healthcare team.